The Consortium Fire and Rescue

The Consortium Fire and Rescue

The Consortium Fire and Rescue offers EU compliant frameworks together with tailored procurement support to secure the best value for the UK Fire and Rescue Services.

The framework contracts were originally set up by Firebuy, a government owned organisation, whose role was to secure greater value for money through collaborative purchasing and reduce the burden of ensuring a compliant tendering process for purchases exceeding the EU procurement threshold.

The Consortium took over the management of the frameworks in 2011 and now provides procurement assistance alongside the contracts and ongoing support to ensure that the best value is achieved through the life of the contract.

The frameworks cover a range of specialist equipment from fire engines to smoke detectors and are available to all UK Fire and Rescue Services as well as other public sector organisations with an interest in fire prevention and detection.

Customers can also access The Consortium’s full range of 40,000 products including office, cleaning and care supplies through our Office and Community website.


  • Fire and Rescue Services
  • Search and Rescue Teams
  • NHS/Paramedics
  • Housing Associations
  • Councils
  • Police Forces
  • Coastguard & RNLI
  • Prisons
  • Ministry of Defence

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